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Obv. Liberty Head, no stars. Slight repunching on the 1 visible on the base. Denticles from 6:00 to 9:00 are doubled.
Rev. Laurel (olive) wreath. Two leaves under E in STATES.

a) J-160. Copper. R4.

Die stage A:
Obv.: No die clashes.
Rev.: A scallop-shaped clash NE of the E in ONE.
1854 PT2a Early die state

96.1 Grains. Stack’s Americana 1/06:5450. Cu. (image)
95.6 Grains. Stack’s Americana 1/06:5451. Cu.
96.8 grains. Stack’s Americana 1/06:5452. Cu.
95.9 grains. Stack’s Americana 1/06:5453. Cu.
95.7 grains. Stack’s Americana 1/06:5454. Cu.
93.9 grains. Stack’s Americana 1/06:5455. Cu. Polished.

Die Stage B:
Obv.: Die clash under the chin (from wreath NW of O in ONE).
Rev.: Large irregular dot in the center (from ear of Liberty). Clash NW of O in ONE (from chin of portrait.)
1854 Coronet Cent PT2a Later die state

96.1 grains. Stack’s Americana 1/06:5449. Cu. (image)
95.1 grains. Stack’s Americana 1/06:5456. Cu. VF.

b) J-161. Bronze. R4.

Many are included above. Detailed weight/die state info needed.

95.7 Grains (6.2 Grams on holder) 94% Cu, 5% Sn, 1% Zn. PR-63BN NGC

c) J-162. Oroide. R8.

1854 Coronet Cent PT1c

1. Connecticut State Library.
2. NERCG “Met. New York” 4/80:362.
3.Die state B, 96.3 grains: Stack’s “Americana” 1/06:5458.